A1 Communications


PR SERVICES /package/

  • Development of an overall Communication Plan for PR purposes aimed at ensuring constant information flow to the broad audience about the client’s activity
  • Development of a Crisis Communication Plan with specific critical topics
  • Consultations at any time on all cases, which have occurred during the daily implementation of the Communication Plan
  • Working meetings between the A1 COMMUNICATIONS Ltd. Team and representatives of the client to determine the main topics of joint work
  • Providing regular information to the media and maintaining constant contact with the line journalists /printed and electronic media, Internet-based, central and regional/ to establish a permanent pool of journalists covering client-related topics. This step is of crucial importance to create a favourable media environment and attract journalists as allies and partners
  • Initiation of meetings and additional journalist materials by maintaining regular contacts with the line journalists and interest toward the client’s activity
  • Preparation and organisation of client’s public appearances
  • Consultation on and preparation of all public speeches and interviews of client’s managers and experts
  • Preparation of a monthly press-clipping with the materials published on the respective topic, analysis and recommendations
  • Consultation on the sponsorship and advertising activity
  • Participation in the preparation and leading of negotiations with business partners of the client, upon request

Single Communication Services

  • Development of a Communication Action Plan
  • Development of a Crisis Communication Plan
  • Consultations by key experts of A1 COMMUNICATIONS Ltd
  • Preparation, drafting and sending a press release to the media
  • Preparation of a press-conference without logistics
  • Preparation and carrying out of a press-conference
  • Preparation of a public event without logistics
  • Preparation of a clipping with publications and content analysis of the materials
  • Organisation of a meeting with a journalist and provoking a publication in the media
  • PR training for the management team on participation in an interview or a programme of an electronic media
  • Development of talking points for an interview of the management team in printed media
  • Development of a Plan for Advertising Activity of the client with identification of the stakeholders and selecting the media and type of advertisement in them

Image Consulting /Individual PR/

Suitable for senior managers of companies, as well as for people whose activity requires frequent appearances in front of audiences of various nature – conference events, media events, business and/or official receptions, dinners, etc. Our consultants will work with you to ensure you look adequately, speak properly and avoid protocol blunders

Media Training

We offer media training for top and middle management, as well as for key experts of the company and/or organisation. The purpose is that you know how to behave in front of journalists, what to tell them and how and ensure your message is delivered properly to the media.

Event Management

Everybody can organise an event but it is important that the event is remembered and given as an example of a best practice. The experts of A1 Communications have the professional competence to recommend the suitable type of event depending of your occasion. Whether a forum as per the global business etiquette or a party for partners and colleagues, you will receive from us consultation and organisation of the perfect event.